Saidham Seva Pratisthan Bhiwapur

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Saidham Seva Pratistan, Gadchiroli Road, Near Rehabilitation centre, Bhiwapur - 441201, District Nagpur.

About Saidham Seva Pratisthan Bhiwapur :

Saidham Seva Pratisthan Trust in Bhiwapur works for poor people, physically handicapped, mentally disables and also sufferer from natural calamities. We work for such people to provide them food, education and other daily requirements. Our trust reconstructed Sai temple in Bhiwapur & runs many activities for Sai devotees. Your donation can help others life. .

Business Details:

We are Non-profit organization in Bhiwapur which runs Sai Temple & help poor people. Our trust manages the reconstruction of Sai temple & controls all the religious activities in Saidham Seva Pratishthan. Our main aim is to help the needy people for daily services. .

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