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Thakursai - Ajivali Road, Thakursai Pawana Nagar Tal, Dist, Maval, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410406

About Pawnacamp :

Pawnacamp is one of the oldest organizers of camping events around Pawna dam. Get an overnight camping experience with quality tent stay, unlimited food, and activities. We are a camping organization based at Pawna dam. We provide a booking platform, camping facilities, trekking, homely food, fun activities, adventure games, and transportation. We’re committed to providing a quality and convenient camping experience. .

Business Details:

Looking for an extreme lakeside camping experience? Where you can be surrounded by serene nature, landscapes as well as forts around the lake? Here we are offering you an opportunity to explore the Pawna Lake Camping experience as the most alluring camping spot in Lonavala. It is 20 kilometers away from Lonavala city center, 110 kilometers away from Mumbai city, and 58 kilometers away from Pune city. We offer you the best camping experience at Pawna lake with a tent stay, unlimited dinner, free snacks, delicious barbecue, live guitar music to soothe your evening with a campfire, and various many other activities. .

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