Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited

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Door No.14, Plot No.16, II Street, Feracca Nagar, Pasumalai Madurai - 625004.
+91 9843255150

About Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited :

Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited is a R&D based company providing lexy techonology and complete lexy manufacturing setup to its customers. Lexy is a simple technology for printing long durable color prints on granite stones, marble stone, glass, wood, tiles and so on with glossy and tough surface coating on the prints. It is a solvent print transfer technology by chemical reaction without using electricity or thermal energy. .

Business Details:

Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited is a Research & Development (R&D) based Company. Supplier of Printers and Printing Machinery. Lexy provides complete manufacturing setup to print on different substrates like Granite Stones, Marble Stones, Glasses, Wood, Gypsum Board and on PVC Sheets. Lexy provides solution to print on Existing Wall and Floors. .

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