Finepac Structures

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S Block, J-25 MIDC, Bhosari, Pune 411026, INDIA.

About Finepac Structures :

Finepac offer a complete range of state of the art product solutions including structured packing, random packing, mass transfer trays, high performance separator internals, column internals, mist eliminators, static mixers and process equipment for the oil and gas and the chemical process industry. .

Business Details:

Random Packing Pall Ring IMTP Packing Structured Packing Column Packing Packed Column Demister pad Mist Eliminator Distillation Column Distillation Unit Column Internals Distillation Equipment Static Mixers Separator Internals Oil Water separation Tray tower Biodiesel Plant Plastic Packings Gas Dehydration Used Oil refining .

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