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1308, 13th floor, Prasad Chambers, Opera House, Mumbai-400004

About R.K. Copper & Alloys LLP :

RK COPPER & ALLOY LLP or R K Metals is global player in offering copper bars, bush bars, wire & continuous cast copper wire, established in 1991 & successfully supplying these products to industrial and commercial projects. .

Business Details:

Are you in search of high quality of ETP Copper Round Bars but confused about where to buy? If yes, then RK Copper and Alloys LLP are best for you. They are one of the leading and reputed manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of copper round bars. ETP or electronic tough pitch copper is widely used and popular copper alloys that are widely used in electrical applications and equipment. It is used widely due to its strength and high electrical conductivity and ranges in various fabrication methods. .

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