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132, T. P. Streets, 6th Kumbharwada Lane, Mumbai - 400 004, India

About Numax Steels :

At Numax Steels, we are one of the leading supplier & manufacturer of Nickel Alloy, Copper Alloy, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloys Steel, Carbon Steel including Inconel, Monel, Titanium & Brass products that includes Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Buttweld Fittings, Socket Weld Fittings, Ferrule Fittings, Tubes, Sheets, Plates, Coils, Bars, Flanges, & other products. Over these years of our inception, we have grown into a highly established brand and serve a long list of customers from domestic as well as international markets. Contact us today at +91 22 66394257 to request a free quote! .

Business Details:

Stainless Steel Suppliers, Copper, Cupro Nickel Dealer, Copper Alloy Exporter, Brass Alloy Suppliers, Pipes Supplier, Buttweld Fittings, Socket Weld Fittings, Brass-Threaded Forged Fittings, Brass Alloy Forged Fittings, Copper Nickel Threaded Forged Fittings, Copper Nuts & Bolts, Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings .

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