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Plot No. 57, Sector No 1 Atharva Apartment Wing- A, Flat No.11 Indrayani Nagar, Near Haveli Hotel, ,411039

About Juby Enterprises :

Juby Enterpises being one of the pioneers in the marketing of high quality machine tool holders And accessories all over India for more than 5 years now, When it come to quality products and customer satifaction we always lead the market. and teacher trainings. .

Business Details:

TANKO specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling workspace equipments such as tool cabinets, CNC tool cabinets, workbenches, trolleys…etc. The specially designed drawer bearing slides systems give the strongest drawer loading capacity and therefore differentiate TANKO’s tool cabinets from others. The adoption of advanced TRUMPF and AMADA numerical control equipment makes TANKO's molding technique reach the advanced world level. .

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