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About Cala Udyog :

JS Gears is one of the top quality industrial gearbox manufactures with facilities to create all types of gearboxes required for various industries. We have a unique name as the parallel shaft helical gearboxes suppliers. Our extruder duty helical gearboxes are suitable for automobile and other industries. Our f series helical geared motor provides effective performance for the transmission of power. The inline helical geared motor we supply can be efficiently used for industrial automation applications. The gearboxes, including shaft mounted gear reducer are suitable for applications that involve high shock loads. We are well-established and have suitable infrastructure to produce all types of gearboxes and has an excellent name as the top crane duty helical gearboxes manufacturers. We can also customize gearboxes to suit your specific industrial requirements. Our efficiency and expertise have brought clients from various parts of the world for our products of helical gearbox manufacturer in Ahmedabad. .

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