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op no 22 and 23, Sathy main road, Ganapathy post, Coimbatore 641006

About Fashion Dot :

Fashion Dot has established as a tailoring training Institute in Salem District, in the year of 2001. Our traditional business is based on all kind of tailoring’s like Gents, Ladies & kids.Based on the discussion We launched Tailoring Training DVD in 2010 | computerized Tailoring software in 2011 | Automatic Cutting Software through Laser cutting in 2017. .

Business Details:

Fashion Dot is the best seller of Tailor made Software and Tailor App. They have more than 10 years of experience in fashion designing field. We manufacture and supply professional software, machines, and apps for textile industries. We are India based fashion designers who as pattern making software for Indian dresses like saree blouse pattern making, kurta pattern making, and modern pattern making software for men dresses. The tailor measurement app gives the perfect body measurement without the help any tailor. No tailor master required! We supply cloth cutting automatic laser machine for all the garments and textile industries with a warranty of spare replacements which replaces your tailor master. We also have tailoring guide DVD & books for professional tailoring learners. It is available in 3 languages (English, Hindi, and Tamil). Our Tailoring levelling guide helps you to refine your tailoring skills. .

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