Near Passport Office, Ramgarhia Chowk, Hoshiarpur.

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Near Passport Office, Ramgarhia Chowk, Hoshiarpur.

About Near Passport Office, Ramgarhia Chowk, Hoshiarpur. :

99 Beauty Academy and Salon bring a revolution in the beauty industry with a great scope for beauticians and hair designers in India. With the advancements in every field, Beauty and wellness is creating a benchmark in all business fields. We are offering special beauty and wellness courses to make youth of the country well educated and qualified. In the coming years, beauty, spa and hair treatments will act as acknowledged and respectful professions. All we have busy and hectic lifestyles making us stressed and worn-out. Considering all requirements and busy lives, we are offering a wide range of beauty, skin care, hair styles, makeup and rejuvenating treatments and courses at the same time. .

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call me at - 9316657660 .

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