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About CAD CAM Infotech :

The worlds largest manufacturer of amphibious boats, Sealegs International manufactures recreational and rescue crafts that can be driven in and out of water. Using the companys proprietary technology, motorized, retractable and steerable wheels are atted to specially designed power boats, which when approaching land, can be lowered whilst still moving in water, enabling the boat to be driven onto a beach or dock. Sealegs had been using SOLIDWORKS, and To effectively machine the required features, Sealegs decided to use a CAM package that would not only provide the best machining features but also integrate effectively with SolidWorks. .

Business Details:

The rst SolidWorks gold partner CAM system and by the far the most advanced CAD/CAM system on the market, CAMWorks continues to challenge traditional programming methods. Just as parametric, feature based solid modelling revolutionized mechanical design, CAMWorks parametric, feature based technology is revolutionizing CNC programming by helping users reduce programming time from hours to minutes or even seconds. .

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