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About eresource infotech Pvt.Ltd :

eresource Infotech is India's leading Web-Based ERP Software Solution Provider. We Provide ERP Solution, Online ERP software, ERP Software for Pharmaceutical, CRM Software, ERP for Manufacturing, Customized ERP software, SAAS ERP. eresource Infotech is an established global IT company delivering business solution to all major industrial verticals. Our high quality professional approaches in implementing large software development projects are getting wide acclamation. .

Business Details:

eresource ERP the leading Web-based ERP solution in India. eresource ERP offers a centralized framework to integrate and automate all business processes of an establishment with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments. Availability of timely information combined with a flexible framework enable organizations to respond and adapt quickly to the changing marketplace and business environment in a more efficient manner, which obviously results in good ROI. eresource ERP solution comprises of many useful modules such as Sales Management, Purchase Management, Manufacturing, Quality Management, Inventory Management, Excise Management, Job Work Management, Human Resource Management, Accounts & Finance Resource Management and MIS- all under one central system. Being a Web Based solution, you can access eresource ERP any time anywhere. .

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